Transition EP

by Melissa Axel

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I feel … as if my heart has died oh so many times now, so what’s one more loss given up to this love for you? one more tumble, one more open wound dig in deep, reach down far, ‘cause this may be the last chance we get … to fall this hard I think it began in another time, oh so many light years ahead, so what’s one more surrender to the yearning that surrounds my bed? one more tumble, once more self-delude hold me more, heal those scars, ‘cause this may be the last chance we get … to fall this hard and in my world, I see right through you running back through me the way you always do but if I knew a way to make fairytales come true, well, we wouldn’t be here again so I see we can’t go on and on like this … oh so many re-runs, so what’s one more show—but will we ever know how it ends? one more tumble, one last question: is this love? shoot those stars … ‘cause this may be the last chance we get this could be the last chance we get yeah, this is the last chance we’ll get … to fall this hard
they say when one door closes another will open it’s just a matter of time and it seems this one just slammed in my face yes, I know you were never mine is it worth a look back, could I even grasp the lesson I’ve yet to learn? or is it eyes forward, into the wind again no other direction to turn kinda makes you wonder how many kilowatts you’ve wasted running on that treadmill in your mind kinda makes you stop, dead in your tracks when there’s no thinking your way to the finish line no more fairytales for me I guess this was another web I wrapped myself up in just needing something to feel a hell of a carrot, it works every time just too bad it’s never for real, no is it worth asking why, should I even try: “tell me, what did I do wrong?” or is it walk away, hands over ears again hiding from the fat lady’s song kinda makes you wonder how many golden threads you’ve wasted spinning all those stories in your head kinda makes you stop, hands to the sky when your path’s no longer strewn with bits of bread no more fairytales for me at least this time, I didn’t waste as much time … but I guess I did at least this time, I wasn’t as big of a fool … but I’ve always been is it worth seeing through all the things we do? everything I read is just fiction or is it close the book, back on the shelf again? time for another transition kinda makes you wonder how many synapses you’ve wasted trying to make those brilliant dreams come true kinda makes you stop, frozen in time when the only one in your fairytale is you no more fairytales for me no more fairytales … just a strong dose of reality.
Transparency 05:34
transparent … transparency I don’t know how to be this way I don’t know how to be easy I don’t know how to be transparent … transparency I don’t know how to see this way I don’t know how to see queasy I don’t know how you’re doing it, but you see me transparency … take my hand and you try to look into me go for the jugular, you think you can see through me and “how do you do” me you’re so transparent who says this isn’t okay, who says that we matter if the lines overlap, who cares if we splatter? who says it isn’t alright if I spend the night, why get uptight but I won’t let you inside … me transparent … see what you want to see you see what you hope I’d be but if you look through, you might as well just look past ‘cause you won’t see me I’m not that transparent shimmering, shivering, glistening, quivering lighting, igniting, deriving, deciding entreating, defeating, repeating, retreating saying “no” just buys me time transparent … transparency
my head is swimming body aching overwhelming concentrating fueling fervor running back can't seem to stay on track horizon stretching distant still ocean lapping crashing through madness, just let go of me … I can't breathe in your arms, I am lost in the heavy wake of you.
out of nowhere grasping at straws but somehow you get a grip pull me, roll me into you out of nowhere, breathing in tandem take a piece of your soul in exchange for my force, which I know you need I guess you want to know I still need you I guess you ought to know I still need you no one needs to know how we feed on each other out of nowhere out of nowhere guess it was building up all over again and even more, my hands in yours I had no idea your wanting never waned and I had no idea how you'd hold me, heaving call me twice and analyze my eating how we feed on each other out of nowhere trade hand for hand, and mouth for mouth skin for skin turned inside out and for once, my curse turned around broken, my eager valentine … out of nowhere, nowhere out of nowhere out of nowhere, nowhere out of nowhere


Transition EP review highlights:

"Heartbreak, hope, and transformation distilled through gorgeous piano and a fearlessly intimate vocal. Candid songs about how we experience love." – John Common, Free School Records

"An interesting and pleasant voice that is deep and full, with a lot of implied strength. There’s no breathy pop maven quality here, but a sound reminiscent of earth and nature. Consequently, Axel puts the listener instantly at ease." – Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World

"This collection of songs, despite their fixation on loss, remains approachable even to someone without a broken heart. Kailin Yong brings considerable violin skills to many of the tracks, his lachrymose strings fleshing out the music into something that skirts the line between pop and chamber-pop." – Nathan Harper, Scene Magazine

"'Fall This Hard' is a powerful opener with wonderful lyrics about a complex relationship and with superlative piano playing. The title song is equally good, Axel straying close to early Tori Amos in sound and voice. This EP is fabulous, and I would love to hear a full length from Axel soon." – Anna Maria Stjärnell, Ectophiles' Guide to Good Music


released February 24, 2009


All songs by Melissa Axel

MELISSA AXEL words, music, vocals, piano
KAILIN YONG violins & production assistance on 1, 2, 3; string arrangement on 3
RYAN DRICKEY cellos on 3
JAMES E. JACOBY production assistance on 1, 2, 3

1, 3 recorded with Mike Destito and mixed with John McVey
2, 4 recorded and mixed with Mike Destito and John McVey
5 production, engineering, arranging, mixing, synths, Rhodes by Nick Seeley; piano recorded by Ivan Valles; re-mastered by John McVey
Mastered by John McVey at Coupe Studios in Boulder, Colorado
Cover art by Stacy Allen Hummel, Friends of 42


Ⓟ Melissa Axel © Melissa Axel / Melissa Axel Music (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Melissa Axel Los Angeles, California

Gorgeous piano, lush strings, and a fearlessly intimate vocal. Recommended if you like: Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, Tori Amos

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